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Book Publishing

Official Sites for the Divergent Book Series ~ From the Publisher, HarperCollins

For extensive lists of HarperCollins webpages for specific books and editions in the series, see the page on this site for Books in the Series.

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Movie Production and Distribution

Lionsgate Publicity

Lionsgate produced the Divergent movie series. It’s webpages for the series often have many of the items traditionally included in press kits, such as press releases, production notes, trailers, images from the films, images of the movie box art, etc. Also, check the search engine there for additional materials and press releases for the series.

Official Sites for the Divergent Movie Series

DVD Double Dip (Comparison of Special Features Included in Different Editions)

Blu-ray.com (Links to the Standard Editions)

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Music Production and Distribution

Music Scores and Soundtracks

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Resource/Fan Sites

There are many sites with information on Veronica Roth’s novel and film series. I will only be listing fan sites that have extensive reference and resource materials that will help those wanting to delve deeper into the world of the Divergent series.

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