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Welcome to my Divergent Series Notes site!

I set up this site initially to keep descriptions and links accessible as I delved into Veronica Roth’s Divergent series for a media studies project I was working on. I’ve developed several other reference/resource sites like this for the various projects I’ve done. You’ll see links for those in the sidebar.

Meanwhile, I hope you’ll find some helpful information here!

~ brad/futuristguy

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General Notices

The background image of the oval with five puzzle pieces and an interlocking center piece is licensed from Fotolia: “to place concepts” (c) numax3d / Fotolia #52691128.

Thanks to Font Meme for making their Divergent font generator available. I used that for to create the above masthead and for a few other visuals on the site.

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VeRO Notice

Divergent Series Notes is a fan site designed for resource information and entertainment purposes. It has no affiliation with the Divergent series author Veronica Roth, her publisher HarperCollins, or the companies which produce or distribute the related movies, scores, and soundtracks.

Images used are of items in my personal collection, or licensed from Fotolia.com as noted.

I make every effort to limit my use of material and quotes to what is within “fair use” to avoid copyright infringement. Please contact me if you are the owner of any media used on this site that you want removed.

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